# Happy Propose Day 2017 Quotes

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Happy Propose Day 2017 Quotes

You are as sweet as Rose bud You are Bright As A Star You are cute as a kitten That's What U Are.You Are Everything for me Happy promise day 2015

Y0ur Eyes @re L!ke The Blue 0ce@n,
Y0ur L!ps @re L!ke The Sweetest P@rt 0f N@ture.
! W@nt T0 Be W!th Y0u @ll The T!me.
H@ppy Pr0p0se D@y My L0ve.

Promise To Always Love You Promise You My Love Promise You My Life Promise To Always Trust You….
!f ! re@ched f0r y0ur h@nd, w!ll u h0ld !t?
!f ! h0ld 0ut my @rms, w!ll u hug me?
!f ! g0 f0r y0ur l!ps, w!ll u k!ss me?
!f ! c@pture y0ur he@rt, w!ll u l0ve me??”
H@ppy Pr0p0se D@y 2014.
Ye promise h humara,Na chhodenge kabhi saath tumhara,Jo gaye tum hume bhool kar,Le aayenge pakad kar haath tumhara..Happy promise day.
The sweetest w@y t0 pr0p0se:
“Excuse me, d0 y0u h@ve @ b@nd @!d, bec@use ! scr@pped my knee when ! fell !n l0ve w!th y0u.” Ch0 Chweet
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